Our Team

Sibaji Panda, Director

He has 2 decades of experience working in Deaf Studies, Sign language research, Deaf Education, Applied Linguistics.  He was the first teacher of Indian Sign Language teaching in a formal classroom. Have been a senior lecturer in University of Central Lancashire, UK for 10 years and has vast experience from traveling and observing good practices worldwide.  He is a research scholar at the Dr. Shakuntala Mishra National Rehabilitation University, Lucknow.

His CV can be found here.

Padmalochan Purohit (Asst. Director)

He is the only hearing teacher in the school and is a local resident who have completed Diploma in Education (HI) and is able to communicate in sign language.  He has experience working with deaf adults in the past, his role in skill and culture transfer education is very important to deafchildren. He also oversees administrative work of the school and assist the director.  He is building himself as a transformative teacher with a new perspective in thinking opposite way.


Nirav Pal (Research Assistant and Teacher)

Nirav Pal is our Deaf teacher from Gujrat and is one of our Researcher and teacher engaged in research based innovative practice.  He is a graduate and currently undergoing Diploma in Education (HI) from MP Bhoj university. He has years of teaching and learning design experience and one of the best talents in innovative teaching using Transdisciplinary methods.

cv here


Deepu M. (Research Asst and Teacher)

Deepu M is from Kerala and come from a Deaf family.  He is currently studying Diploma in Deaf Education through distance mode and is engaged in research and its application in Education. He has a bachelor degree in Applied Sign Language Studies from University of Central Lancashire, UK.

CV here