Welcome to Happy Hands School for the Deaf. (HHSD). HHSD is a special education initiative of Rural Lifeline Trust (Regd.) Established in 2016 HHSD is a unique place to get education for students who are deaf or have other hearing and speech difficulties including those with other disabilities. Here every child gets an equal opportunity to learn in an environment that optimizes all-round development and provides accessible accommodation to language and communication. We believe that our students deserve a quality bilingual education opportunity to excel in all field of life including being deserving and contributing citizens. We focus on producing language- proficient teachers and staff who are able to communicate fluently and directly with the students and utilization of information technology, activity based shared learning and scientifically appropriate teaching methods. Our main attention goes towards how each and every child ‘Learn’ than ‘how to teach’ them all together.

This is how Deaf children about concepts and facts. All  through ‘real life experience’

Why are we special?

Here is why we are different and special.

  • Highly qualified teachers who hold certification and specially trained by professionals in the field and are specialists in their specific academic content areas.
  • Specialised support services, including but not limited to the areas of reading and language, orientation, individualised lerning support.
  • Accessibility and inclusion in all programs, through the use of Indian Sign Language,
  • Providing a fully accessible and conductive environment suitable for learning and enjoying it.
  • International collaboration and knowledge transfer to enhance learning and research based practice.
  • Plenty of opportunity for real life learning and activity based education

Our Vision and Mission

  • Non-discrimination
  • All can learn provided the right environment and access to curriculum and learning is guaranteed by giving equal importance to Indian Sign Language and written English/local language.Individual needs of students.
  • visual education plan lead to better outcome Education of deaf children is a collective responsibility of teachers, students, families and the society at large.
  • Inclusion in real sense is where we feel belong and accepted.


Happy Hands School for the Deaf

Sindurpur, Binika, Odisha, 767019 INDIA